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About Us

We start from an icon and
developed into our online
branding initial as

We are quality on Hand painted and Hand prints with Graphic and Fine art of fashion Tee Collection and others stuff - We love Art of Nature!.

Puresheet is a design collective focused on producing art tee shirts with designs that introduced a creatively different perspective to the mainstream.

Our target is to create garments with bring back the basic concept and focus on fresh meaningful graphics & Fine art, combining strong and thought provoking imagery reflecting. Our slightly twisted over to acceptable the environment, theme to suit the market likes.

All our printing are produced from our  hand printed artwork. All prints editions and canvases are hand wrapped, signed, stamped and numbered by Puresheet.
Absolutely handmade!

At Puresheet we produce lasting, ethical clothing made with minimal impact to the environment. Our garments are produce from 100% organic cotton. We choose the garments with extremely comfortable to wear in or out and style with meaningful to the world. 

Copyright 2011 - 2016 Puresheet - All Rights Reserved.